Top Four Tech Skills You Can Learn With Your Smartphone

Published June 13, 2020 by Esther Ebere

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There are various high-income skills one can learn online these days, get certified and start making money immediately. Tech skills are one of the most sought after skills with coding being top of the list. Most developers are self-taught, meaning that they learnt how to code by watching tutorials and taking online courses on different platforms like udemy, Lynda, freecodecamp etc.

The basic necessities needed to kick start this journey of acquiring new skills online include a laptop, a working internet connection and power supply. A lot of people already know about the aforementioned requirements but few are taking part due to the challenge of having no laptop, that’s why in this article we will look at different tech skills one can learn using just their smartphones.

1. Graphics Design

This is a high-income tech skill that involves designing of magazines, fliers, handbills, posters, banners, book covers etc. graphic designers can work for big companies and brands designing social media posters and banners and creating visual concepts. To start learning graphics, go to, login with your Google account and start creating beautiful designs.

2. Copywriting

Copywriting involves writing content such as sales copy, ads copy and email content. Most copywriters work with marketing and advertising team where they break down product’s complexities to a sellable piece. You can start learning this with just your smartphone, a notebook and pen. Download TedNicholas free eBooks, Gary Harbets letters and start practicing.

3. Social Media Management

This involves creating creative content and interacting with customers for brands and companies. This skill involves managing all social media handles for a particular brand and understanding how each platform works and the kind of content to publish per time. To learn this skill, take a free course on hubspot academy.

4. Facebook ads

Most businesses are interested on how to reach more customers daily, with Facebook ads you can reach a very good number of buyers. Facebook has been announced to have about 2.3billion active users recently, this shows that there are a lot of potential buyers on Facebook but how do you reach them without any knowledge of how Facebook ads work? To start your journey as an ads expert, take facebook’s beginner course on ads or sign up for their blueprint program.

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